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Marshall amps
Marshall 100w JMP Super Lead Model 1959
Marshall Jubilee 25/50 100w
Marshall JCM 900 50 w Model 4501
Marshall Jubilee 25/50
Marshall 50w JTM Model 1962 Bluesbreaker reissue
Marshall 50w JMP MKII Model 2204 1980
Marshall 100w JMP MKII Model 2203

Hiwatt amps
Hiwatt Custom 50
Hiwatt Custom 100
Hiwatt Ads

Other Amps
Peavey Classic VS 212
Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket
Music Man 150HD 410
Hughes & Kettner Tube 20

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My guitars
Gibson SG Standard
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Epiphone The Dot
Squier Stratocaster