Peavey Classic 212 VT Series (built 1979)

Peavey Classic front back view

The Peavey Classic 212 is a vertisile two-channel amplifier with built in reverb. It has a modern pre-amp section with ops and transistors and a 50 Watt power stage with two 6L6GC tubes.
Two 12 inch loudspeakers and a footswitch for channel switching, reverb and phasor control and channel combination complete this amp.
The 3 band eq controls work on both channels which are called bright and normal and have an individual gain knob.
This amplifier was built in 1979 and still carries Silvania tubes made in USA.

chassis front view tubes Classic 212 back Classic 212 automixer
   Listen to normal channel (35s 549k)   Listen to bright channel (23s 372k)      Listen to phasor clip (14s 239k)  

     Settings used for the sound examples