Hughes & Kettner Tube 20 (built 1997)

Tube 20 front
Tube 20 back
Listen to the crunchy lick

The Tube 20 is a very flexible combo amp with two clearly distinguished channels, built-in reverb and a 12 inch speaker.
Both channels share the EQ section with bass, mid and treble control. Channel 2 is the lead channel with seperate gain and volume control. Channel switching can be done either from the front panel or via footswitch. Unlike most tube amps the Hughes & Kettner comes without a standby switch.
The rear panel offers FX loop for external effects, external speaker plug and a bulit in DI out which is similar to the well known "red box" speaker simulation. The Tube 20 is best played with Marshall or Vox-like sounds. If you listen to the sound file keep in mind that the recording was made from a 4x12 Marshall 1960B cabinet.

     Settings used for the sound example