Hiwatt Custom 100 DR 103 (built 1970)

Hiwatt Custom 100 front Hiwatt inside

This is one of the early Hiwatt DR103 amps built in 1970. It has a power of 100 watts using 4 ECC83 and 4 EL34 tubes. The total peak power is approximately 250 watts. The amp has two channels one named normal, one named brilliant and a 4 band equalizer.
Hiwatt's all purpose amps can be used for either guitar, keyboard or bass amplification.

This amp was tuned with an additional preamp stage using a fifth ECC83 tube. It is therefore capable of producing a high gain sound as an alternative to the original Hiwatt crunch. Listen to the sound examples.
If you look closely at the large picture of the front-face you can see that the original Hiwatt logo got  lost and was replaced by a laser printout.

guts when I bought the amp

Listen to the hiwatty lick     ;Listen to the high gain lick     ;The short lick (Hiwatt crunch)

     Settings used for the sound examples