Marshall 50w JMP MKII Model 2204 (built 1980)

Marshall 2204 front JMP stack

Shortly before the JCM 800 series was introduced this 50watt top was produced. It already wears the larger script logo that is still in use on the tops and cabinets today (the picture on the right shows a 1979 amp with the slightly smaller logo below).

The 2204 model was in production from 1975 until 1981. It was the first Marshall amp to have a master volume control.
The EQ section has presence, bass, middle and treble control. Two inputs both feed the instrument signal into one channel but with different damping called high and low sensivity.
The amp pictured was built in January 1980 and has the serial #00350M.

inside back view inspection label
   Listen to JMP lick (19s 300k)   Listen to crunchy lick (19s 298k)  
     Settings used for the sound examples