Marshall Silver Jubilee 50 w Model 2553 (built 1987)

Jubilee front Jubilee inside Listen to the crunchy lick
Listen to the vintage lick

short lick (crunchy)

This amp was one of a series of amps built in the year of Jim Marshall's 25th business jubilee in 1987. It was a limited edition collection of tube amps and cabinets to commemorate Marshall's 50 years in music and 25 years in the amplifier business.  The amps were based on the 2203 and 2204 master models but with silver vinyl covering and chrome panels. Jubilee stack

The amp has a total of 50 watts switchable to a half-power mode with 25 watts. It has a rhythm and lead channel which can be selected with a footswitch. Channel switching is indicated with a red LED. The 2553 model features a small cabinet for mini stack. You can see the different sizes in the picture right where the standard cabinet (100w model 2555) is underneath. The 2553 has 3 ECC83 and 2 EL34 tubes. The first amp of the Silver Jubilee production was a 2553 model with the serial number #200.

The amp shown was my first Marshall and I bought it probably in 1990.

     Settings used for the sound examples