Listen to these tube amplifiers

MKII 1980 Marshall 25/50 Jubilee Hiwatt Custom 100 Hiwatt Custom 50 Mesa Boogie
Marshall 2204 50w lead
Marshall 2553 50w Jubilee
Hiwatt DR 103 100w
Hiwatt DR 504 50w
Mesa Boogie 20w
JMP lick  crunchy lick vintage lick  crunchy lick hiwatty lick  highgain lick Nod's lick  norm ch bright ch rhythm lick  contour lick
MKII 1977 Bluesbreaker Super Lead 1974 JCM 900 1991 Hughes & Kettner
Marshall 2203 100w lead
Marshall 1962 Tremelo
Marshall 1959 Super Lead 100w
Marshall JCM 900 50w
Hughes & Kettner 20w
lick 1 boogie lick bluesy lick loud lick standard lick Dirty Deeds lick crunchy lick Gain 2 Gain 8 crunchy lick
Custom 50 combo Peavey Classic combo

Hiwatt SA 112 50w
Peavey Classic 212
norm ch  br ch br ch Cel norm ch  br ch phasor

                                                                    How were the recordings done?     What settings where used?