Hiwatt Custom 50 SA 112 Combo (built 1980)

Hiwatt SA 112 front serial plate

This amp was built in 1980 as serial #14357. It is the combo version of the Custom 50 with one 12 inch speaker. Beside the two speaker output jacks it has also a slave output to drive more power amplifiers.
The sound is very clean and round with the integrated Fane speaker. Like all Hiwatt amps of that time it is built like a tank. The weight is about 30 kg!
Note that the sound files are recorded with the built-in speaker to give the true sound impression of the huge headroom of this amp (in comparison to the Celestion speakers in all other sound files).

chassis inside speaker back view testlabel
   Listen to normal chan - Fane (34s 534k)   Listen to bright chan - Fane (17s 270k)   Listen to bright chan - Celestion 1x12 (16s 251k)  Listen to bright chan - Celestion 4x12 (18s 292k) 

     Settings used for the sound examples