How were recordings done?

Marshall 4x12 more about my guitars

Most amps were played with a Gibson SG Standard (bridge pickup, tone and volume set to 10) through a Marshall 4x12 box (1960B loaded with Celestion G12T-75) and miked identically with a Sure SM58 in front of the speaker grill (left channel) and an Audio Technica AT 3035 at about 1.50 meters from the box. The amps were played at a quite noticeable volume. The specific settings of each recording can be found here.
The licks were recorded with a Yamaha AW2816 and converted to mp3-files with Sound Forge. No other do-overs applied, captured live with all mistakes intact...
The Marshall Bluesbreaker was played with the built-in Celestion G12M greenbacks, the Hiwatt Custom 50 combo was played with the built-in speaker, a Fane 12 inch and a Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar (pickups and EQ identically set). Also the recordings of the JCM 900 were done with the Les Paul guitar.

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