More recording

Tapes The following year, 1979, saw the recording of three more tapes and the writing of 30 new songs. It was my last year at school and my first year in the army. In January we used our grandma's piano on "Streets", in June we had a violin part played by Sebastian on "It's Too Late". At the end of the year I bought my first blues harp form our local dealer after I had started liking it in the military service.
Also there was another gig with friends and a class from France that stayed with us for a pupils exchange. It was on April 18 and we played a set of 21 songs including three encores.
 a new decade Our sound had changed a lot with the use of the electronic fuzz and vocals now were recorded with reverb. The last recording as a duo was the "A New Decade" tape recorded in November and December shortly before the 70ies were over.
In the end 83 songs had been put on tape since Autumn '77. The time was right to find a drummer and a bass player and we were eagerly looking for help!