More Equipment

HH Musician The first real guitar amplifier was a H/H VS Musician 212 combo amp. It had two channels a reverb unit and a backlit illuminated control panel which was shining in green. The sound was really good and the reverb was useful for our recordings either for guitar or even vocals. The amp had a total power of 100 watts which we seldomly used.
little big muff After we had got the HH amp we were looking for a more distorted sound. We found it with the use of the Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff. The sound of our guitars was completely changed with the muffs. A lot of sustain was added which was perfect for our solos (first used on Rockin' in 2 by 2 in January '79).
The next step was the first "good" microphone. It was a Shure Unidyne B Model 5155A "Made in USA" and a big improvement for our vocal recording. We also used it for our rare live appearances and in the rehearsal room for many years.
Shure 5155A The first tube amp was a Peavey Deuce combo amplifier with integrated phaser and reverb. It had 120 Watts coming from 4 6L6GC tubes in the master section. Peavey Deuce The preamp unit though was transistorised. With two 12 inch speakers and two channels it was a very flexible amp. Both channels could be combined and all functions could be switched on and off with a huge footswitch. Philicorda The sound I don't really remember. When we had it we were already looking for something bigger. (Of course we dreamt of a full or at least a half stack.)
Another instrument was the late 60's Philicorda organ 751 that I had bought on Frankfurt's flee market one Saturday. It had lots of different sounds all produced by individual oscillators, integrated tremolo and single key chords function! Very cool!!