The St.Anna gig

The gig in St. Anna had been scheduled in June already. Then it was cancelled and scheduled again for November 21, 1981. On August 22 we played on a garden birthday party. At the end of October we started to work for the November gig and we put some songs on our show list that were popular at that time. We had been doing the complete set of songs every week in our rehearsal room.
The day of the gig was a Saturday and at 15.00 we started to install our equipment and had a sound check. The show started at 20.30 and ended an hour later after two encores. We were very satisfied with that event but there should be no chance to repeat it.

Steff Uwe Chris

It's A Long Way To The Top
Livin On
Mama Wot She Doin' To Me
Tryin To Get The Lady
Don't Wonna Lose You
Comin Through
Gone To The Dogs

Blue Suede Shoes
Wet Dreams
Whole Lotta Rosie
Rock'n Roll Fans
Street Gang
Singin Rock'n Roll
Get Back
When I Said Good Night