The first gigs

Just three weeks after we had seen Slade and the other bands playing live we started to write our own lyrics and sang our own tunes.
The first recording on a cassette recorder was done on June 6 with two songs called People and Caroline. During the next five weeks a total of 12 songs was written, very simple in the beginnings but aren't many songs that we like to hear on the radio quite simple? Our guitar playing got more and more experienced and we decided to have the first "concert" in front of some friends. Just a short time after that there was a school party of Chris' class and we were asked to play in front of about 30 class mates. October 15 October 15
At that time we didn't have our electric guitars yet. So we put together all the microphones we could get and taped two of them to the body of our acoustic guitars. Two others were put in front of us on a lamp-stand. The "mixing" was done by some pots in a box that were soldered together. Each of us had his own channel of the stereo system and we all had fun! The location was a garden hut of one of Chris' mates parents and the "program" was about 45 minutes with all the songs we had written so far. We had never played them with true amplification and our friends kept cheering and clapping their hands very patiently all the time. Although we were pretty nervous we managed to do the show without too many textbreaks and wrong chords.
Just three months later there was another occasion to play live in front of the class. It was on October 15, 1977 in the same garden shed. Meanwhile we had written a few more tunes and we played about one hour with a set of 17 songs called "The Funeral Of Blues".