The final setup

Dynacord Gigant Echocord mini In March 1981 we managed to get a second hand public amplification system. It was made by Dynacord a German brand with very good products but a poor reputation at that time. We had a six channel tube amplifier (Gigant, 100 watts power) with a tape echo (Echocord) and two huge speaker towers. We used it mainly for vocal amplification but also for guitars and drums if needed. When we first used it in our rehearsal room we were thrilled by the sound we could produce with it.
Ibanez All vocals so far had had to stand behind a wall of guitar and drum sound which now had an end. The echo could be easily changed in speed so that quick adjustments between the songs were easily possible.
After I had tried to improve the reliability of my Framus by replacing the tuners with Schaller machine heads the time was right for a new guitar. In May '81 I bought an SG shaped Ibanez guitar in cherry red.
Les Paul This guitar should be my companion for the next 10 years. It had two humbucker pickups pearl inlays and a bigsby type tremolo which I did not use. Actually this was a very good guitar and I should never have given it away.
At that time Chris was having a nice black Les Paul copy made by Pearl. Like all Les Paul guitars it was a bit heavy. But it had a good tuning and a solid rock sound. It was black with silver machines and lovely inlays made in Japan.
nice inlays Both Chris and I sold our old guitars soon after we had got the new ones.
Half a year later our dreams regarding guitar amps came true. We purchased two second hand Hiwatt amps built in 1975 and 1977 with 50 and 100 watts. Together with a Marshall and a Hiwatt 4x12 speaker cabinet our half stacks were complete. The Marshall box was covered in red tolex with the angled front, the Hiwatt cabinet had the standard shape. my Hiwatt Chris Hiwatt