When we returned from London we were filled with impressions to put into new songs. As we were still a duo most of our ideas for arranging and instrumentation could only come true on tape.

We did a lot of experimenting with different kinds of instruments, backing vocals, tempi and by doing cover versions of well-known songs. During 1978 we did 3 more tapes in March, June and August and our songlist was growing to 60.
emthree We bought our first real instrument amplifier, a small transistorised British combo called M3 studio. Our music dealer didn't tell us though that it would not be very useful for rock guitar. It was more designed for keyboard and we could not use it as we had intended. Nevertheless it had a nice tremolo that we liked for recording.

new years eve new years eve

In April we made a trip to Switzerland and France and during that journey we played our guitars everywhere: driving in the car, during our pique-niques in the French alps or in the streets of Celigny...

There was also another live show on new years eve in the same garden hut like the ones before. On this day there was a drastic change of the weather. Within a few hours the temperature had fallen from well above zero to -15 degrees Celsius. When we played our hands and instruments were cold but we liked it anyway. Our set contained 14 songs and lasted about 45 minutes.